Questa Technology Inc.

is a major IT consulting resource provider, successfully providing IT consulting solution services to clientele of all sectors from public to private for over a decade.

The specific verticals and core competencies that we specialize in are Healthcare, Education, Financial, Pharmaceutical, Information Technology, and Government; a clientele base that spans across the nation. What sets us apart and makes us unique are our principles, focused on dedicating our efforts to not simply providing exceptional, reliable services, but also building long lasting business relationships with our clients and business partners. Our highly trained, professional staff fully understands that it starts with the very professionals that we recruit, where their core values and objectives are much in line with that of our own. All candidates are properly and thoroughly screened, thereby effectively ensuring that each consultant meets our clients' dynamic and ever demanding needs.

With our consultants truly being experts in their fields and having specialized in virtually all technologies on a multitude of platforms, our professionals can fully understand our clients' goals and objectives, thereby providing a focused and personalized strategic plan to achieve these goals.

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