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Artificial Intelligence

No longer the subject of science fiction, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the brains behind smart phones, video games, investment tools and home security devices. AI presents tremendous possibilities in developing smarter processes, automating routine cognitive tasks and analyzing large volumes of unstructured data. Many companies are now exploring the advanced analytics and machine learning power of AI as the next-generation platform for autonomous-driving applications that optimize various aspects of their operations.

As a relatively new and niche technology, many internal IT staff may be familiar with using AI but not how to implement it to develop new applications and processes. Questa software engineers offer the programming and design skills to support the development of your new AI-based applications. As a starting point, we can work with your team in exploring AI and its role in advancing your business. Once identifying best opportunities, we can help develop a technology roadmap that outlines existing tools for AI content creation. Supplementing your resources, our experienced AI software engineers can work alongside your staff from design, development, and test through to deployment. We can even manage project priorities, deadlines, and deliverables.

The future is here, and we are ready to support you in going there.

  • Building the business case – demo and explain capabilities and benefits
  • Choosing the right solution among the Pega Business Management Suite based on industry and business challenges (i.e. case management for health care, CRM for insurance, etc.)
  • Designing the business model/process flow
  • Creating the application
  • Implementation
  • Customer training
  • Updates and enhancements

With personnel experienced in the Pegasystems platform and applications for sales, marketing, service and operations, Questa can accelerate your time to market in turning a business objective into a working application to optimize your business performance. We ensure you get the most from your investment by delivering maximum capabilities at lowest total cost of ownership.